First Impressions Lead to Lasting Relationships

By: Guest Blogger-Lorraine Letcavage

First impressions- we hear so much about them. There’s a reason for that. They matter! Make a good one, and you can land a job, get a date, and make friends. You know the drill by now: If you want to get noticed or be successful, be sure to work on your image to make a great first impression.


Fact: Within 7-30 seconds of meeting someone or seeing something for the first time, a judgment is passed in the mind of the observer.

Fact: First impressions directly affect the way something is perceived, and it’s very difficult to reverse that assumption.

Did you realize that this rule carries over in the decisions we make as consumers too? Smart business owners know this. We pick the pretty packaging. Admit it- we’ve been lured by the fancy colors on store shelves, intrigued by those shiny cans and bottles.  They really make you stop and look, don’t they? First impressions prevail once again when deciding where to eat, shop or vacation. We become customers with our eyes first, thinking the best storefront, design and layout just has to be the better place. 

Fact: A majority of the population is most attracted to things when it appeals to them visually.

Knowing this, how can a business make this all work in their favor, gain customers, and form lasting relationships? It’s simple-have a pro in your corner to create your advertising plan. A good graphic artist with knowledge and creativity will design your website, logo, signage and more to grab that visual interest and oh-so-important first impression. Since it’s so crucial to your future success, it’s not really an area where ‘do-it-yourself’ is the answer. Don’t even think about it!

Once you have partnership with a designer, you will then work on brand development. People will know who you are, and remember your business just by that visual connection. They know all the tricks. Trust their talent, and the customers will follow. It needs to be memorable. Your first impression will last a long, long time. Make it a great one!








Overcoming Social Anxiety

The internet is still a scary place for many.

No need to be afraid, I will get you through your fears. Stick with me and great things will happen for you. I will now calm you down with a photo of a kitten.

Now that you are calm, you may be asking yourself “What is a Facebook? Or a Twitter? And why are these important to me?”

Even if you aren’t an avid user of social media personally, you owe it to your business to get involved! I hope after reading this blog post I can convince you of the many reasons to take advantage of the great FREE advertising options that are out there for you.


With Facebook’s new Timeline display, there are more options than ever to showcase your business. The profile photo and Cover photos are prominently displayed at the top of your Page and can be used to display specials, a logo, or just to illustrate and overall theme.


Facebook now offers larger photos on your page and the ability to star and pin statuses. Starring doubles the photo size and spreads it across the whole timeline page drawing attention to a specific item, while pinning moves a status to the top of your page for a week. This option is great for any specials you may be running. Using Facebook also allows you to connect with your customers like never before. They can follow your photos and updates making you less like a faceless business and more like a friend. Facebook also offers the purchase of ad space on the side bar if you want to pay for more exposure. Facebook offers many great advertising and marketing tools for establishing your brand and getting your message across. It is important however to let a professional create your cover photo.

You can go one step further and link up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to cover more of the internet in one shot.


Twitter can be used to pitch new ad campaigns and get instant feedback and reward loyal followers with discounts and offers. This forum creates a way that the average consumer can reach out and talk to businesses directly. This also allows great feedback to be spread to millions with just one tweet. Twitter can also be used to keep tabs on what is being said about your company and gauge the impact of marketing by using TweetDeck.


Blogs have many great uses to a business! Use a post to showcase your amazing new product or toot your own horn about the quality of your design. Promote yourself and break exciting news about your business or the market. Keep your loyal readers in the loop about events and have them take polls and surveys.

These are just a few ways social media can help to increase traffic to your website and propel sales for your business, there are no doubt many more. I encourage you to take advantage of every angle you can, because its free!

However, make sure you are careful to only post well thought out comments because it only takes one terrible post to tarnish your good name.